Coastal Alabama Retirement Guide by BookBaby


Coastal Alabama Retirement Guide by BookBaby

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Manufacturer Description

This book gives his thoughts about retiring in Coastal Alabama based on his 34 years of researching retirees and retirement communities. It includes all the details necessary to follow-up on the information in this book. This book provides answers to the questions of would I enjoy retirement in Coastal Alabama and how can I enhance my retirement experience in Coastal Alabama. This book can be used as a resource for current residents who plan to retire in the area, current tourists to the area who want to learn more about the area, possible future tourists, possible future retirees, current seasonal residents, future seasonal residents, second home buyers, people in Mobile County who are looking to relocate to Baldwin County, and for people living in Baldwin County to learn more about regional resources in Mobile. There is a summary of the factors important for retirement destinations. It includes detailed information on such topics as climate, housing healthcare, money matters, safety, outdoor recreation, and cultural attractions. It includes what retirees want in a retirement location. The common issues for Coastal Alabama such as taxes, demographics, and transportation for Mobile and Baldwin Counties are presented. It includes a brief description of each municipality along Coastal Alabama. There is a general discussion about the residential options in Coastal Alabama. It covers homeowners' insurance and provides data on housing stock in Baldwin County and Mobile County. Details are provided about the hospitals in Coastal Alabama. There is a description of the services provided at each hospital. It covers the assisted living and other long-term care facilities in Coastal Alabama. The outdoor activities available in Coastal Alabama are described. There is information about each park and outdoor facility. There is also information about golf courses, boat launches, marinas, and campgrounds. It includes details about the museums, arts, and entertainment in Coastal Alabama. Information is provided on the venues. It covers the annual festivals in Mobile County and Baldwin County. Books, articles, websites, and other literature used during data collection for this book are listed. There is a list of links to the websites of the entities (not listed in the chapters) mentioned in this book. Current residents in Baldwin and Mobile counties can use this book as a resource on healthcare, housing, long-term care, cultural activities, and recreational attractions. The compiled information summarizes the above factors and provides succinct information including directions and photos. Tourists and snowbirds who spend their summer or winter vacations in Coastal Alabama could use this book to help them choose varying activities for their time. There are many organizations that have annual conferences in Coastal Alabama. These visitors could use this book for ideas on how to spend their free time during their attendance at conferences. These people could use this book to plan their visits and guide their activities during their visit. Seasonal residents stay from one to three months each winter in Coastal Alabama. They could use this book as research for assessing Baldwin County and Mobile County as a possible retirement location for them. Many people own second homes in Coastal Alabama and spend free time at these properties. These property owners could use this book to learn more about Coastal Alabama. This book is tailor-made for those interested in retiring to Coastal Alabama. It presents all of the important information for them to consider during the choice of their retirement location.