Retirement in Costa Rica: Discover Why, How and What You Need to Live in Costa Rica


Retirement in Costa Rica: Discover Why, How and What You Need to Live in Costa Rica

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Thinking about Retirement in Costa Rica?

Skip the hours of tedious research and find all your answers in one guide!

This book is for anyone who wants to visit, live in, learn about, and enjoy a great lifestyle on a budget by retiring in Costa Rica. Learn about moving to Costa Rica, what to pack and what to leave behind, legal requirements, language, local culture, food, attractions, health & safety, tapping into your retirement funds and more.

We did our first exploration into Costa Rica on the Ground a few years ago and things have continued to improve there with more and more focus on this top retirement country. There's a reason that so many people flock to Costa Rica each year, and while prices have been rising because of all the attention the country is still well affordable, especially in comparison to what you would spend living in the US, England, Canada or Australia.

If you're considering Costa Rica, it's a great place, but like everywhere else there is so much to consider and even living in different cities will give you a completely different experience. The best way to see what suits your lifestyle is to go and visit each spot, but while you're in the planning phase we've broken down what it would be like to live in several of the most popular cities including basic budgets, activities, infrastructure and what the local health care situation is.

There are many positives to relocating to Costa Rica, but the best part about retiring there would have to be the laid back people. You can read about the Pura Vida lifestyle, but it's another thing entirely to experience it first hand when you ask someone how it's going and they reply 'Pura Vida,' meaning pure life as they lay on the hammock on their porch.

This thorough, easy-to-read guide that will show how to make the most of your retirement years there.

Whether or not Costa Rica will be a good fit for you and your family is probably the biggest question that you'll need to consider. While Costa Rica is probably the most famous retirement destination in the world, the more you know what is important to you and what you are looking for, the easier your decision is going to be.

To help you figure out if Costa Rica is right for you, there are several thought provoking questions through the book that will help you answer this for yourself. These questions are really important because it doesn't matter which country you want to live in, you're going to need to answer them, and once you know what's important to you - making your decision as to which places make your short list of retirement destinations will be much easier.

This guide provides you will all of the key research points that someone looking to retire there would want to consider as you start to learn about Costa Rica. The biggest items on any retiree's list is covered including:

- Why Choose Costa Rica?
- Living Costs
- Things to Consider Before Visiting
- Best Places to Live in Costa Rica
- Making the Move
- Getting Settled in Your New Country
- What's the Culture Like?
- How is the Food?
- Learning the Local Language
- Safety and Security
- The Health and Medical System
- Common Diseases to Look Out For
- Ensuring Your Safety
- How to Make the Most of Your Time in Costa Rica
- Enjoying Your Costa Rica Retirement to the fullest

So, instead of hunting on-line through several different blogs, websites and publications, why not short-cut your research and save several hours of your valuable time and get all the answers you are looking for in this guide.

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