Six Figure 401k: Five Steps to Starting Your 401k Off Right

Six Figure 401k: Five Steps to Starting Your 401k Off Right
Six Figure 401k: Five Steps to Starting Your 401k Off Right (click images to enlarge)

Six Figure 401k: Five Steps to Starting Your 401k Off Right

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Description of Six Figure 401k: Five Steps to Starting Your 401k Off Right

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Manufacturer Description

A 401k is an amazing way to build a large amount of wealth for yourself, 99% on autopilot.

But.. there are a few problems with the way most employers handle 401k plans for their hard-working employees. If you don't understand these and don't take control of your 401, it can not only cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime, but it can also destroy any chance you have at retiring early, or even retiring at all, and living the life of your dreams.

See, your employer usually does a pretty good job setting up the *option* for you to have a 401k. This is because if they offer one, they are required by law to let you know that it exists and give you all of the information you need to access it.

But that's where the bus stops... Most employers do nothing more than send an email or hold a 30 minute seminar to tell you there is a 401k plan available. Then they dump a big giant stack of confusing papers on you, and send you on your merry way wondering what the heck to do.

This is what ends up stopping most people in their tracks, and is exactly why 401k plans are drastically underutilized - about 50% as I write this book. This is absolutely crazy considering the free money that you would not otherwise earn with employee matching, as well as the massive wealth generation power that the compounding effects of a 401k contains.

But without having a clear understanding of what to do with all of this wealth generating power that is now yours, you're basically paralyzed, unless you want to spend dozens of hours learning tax law, investing, etc.

That's where Six Figure 401k comes in. I encountered the exact same problems with my own 401k in my 20s. And I did spend dozens of hours learning how to set up and configure my 401k correctly. It was painful and confusing, but I finally figured it all out.

I'm now in my early 30s with a six figure 401k balance that is climbing at just over $21,000 per year including free employer contributions.

Here are some of the questions I encountered, and will answer for you in Six Figure 401k.

- How do I deposit money into my 401k?
- How much money should I put in?
- How much money do I need to retire?
- What funds do I pick and why?
- How does my money get taxed?
- What is the difference between a Traditional 401k and Roth 401k?
- What the heck is a vesting period?
- What if I need money?
- Can I access my money if I need it?
- What is "employer matching" and how do I get it?
- What is the minimum I have to contribute?
- What is the maximum?
- What if the markets go down?
- What if the markets go up?
- What's the best way to grow my money over time?
- How can I protect my money from risk?

And the list goes on...

Honestly, you don't even need to know the answers to all of these questions to start your 401k off right. All you need to do is take a few simple steps to set things up correctly from the start, and then follow a strategy to ramp up your contributions over time.

This is what I will teach you to do in Six Figure 401k. It's not just 401k education. It's an action-oriented five step strategy to take you from initial enrollment, to having your 401k completely set up to earn massive amounts of wealth for you in your lifetime. And you'll learn everything you need to know in between.

I'll even show you how to protect your money throughout some of life's more difficult situations - stock market crashes, job losses, financial emergencies, etc.

I'll explain all of this using simple language in plain English. No fancy financial terms. No complicated math. Everything I present to you that you need to know for your goal, I will completely explain.

Simply put, Six Figure 401k is a step-by-step process presented as if you were having a conversation with a friend. I hope you join me. If so, I'll talk to you on the inside.

- Cody