Tax-Free Retirement Power of the Personal Pension IUL® (Insurance Mastery Series Book 1) by Haywood Publishing


Tax-Free Retirement Power of the Personal Pension IUL® (Insurance Mastery Series Book 1) by Haywood Publishing

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Tax-Free Retirement Power of the Personal Pension IUL®

My Love Affair With Insurance:

Talk to thirty different people about life insurance and you will get thirty different opinions. But talk to thirty people who received a death benefit from a loved one and the response is universally consistent: we were so relieved. We were so relieved we didn’t have to sell the house and move out. We were so relieved we had the time to properly grieve and not worry about how we would pay for groceries. We were so relieved to know that he one cared enough to think of us before he died. Like many things in life, unless you have lived through personal loss it is hard to imagine it happening to you.

I sit down with families every day from both ends of the spectrum. Many young couples believe they will live forever and for them it is difficult to understand the need for life insurance. Often times it takes a momentous event like the birth of a new baby or a death of someone close in the family to help my younger clients realize that life insurance does have real, meaningful value for them. The irony is that these clients will never have cheaper insurance than when they are young and healthy. To get a policy like the Personal Pension IUL® in place at a young age is extremely affordable and will mean dramatic accumulation of wealth later in life, if done correctly.
On the other end of the spectrum are my older clients, many of whom for one reason or another resisted putting life insurance in place when they were younger and now as they approach their later years find that it is difficult to get affordable coverage. Age, health issues, financial issues, all factor into premium prices and the more years you have behind you, the more these costly factors tend to accumulate.
My first goal with this short book is to challenge you to imagine your life, or the life of your family, if one of the primary breadwinners does not come home tomorrow. What would that world look like for your family? The concern is real. Yes, you may be as healthy as a horse and exercise and eat right and get enough sleep. But do you drive in a car? Cars kill people all the time. I have known marathon runners to drop dead without warning. It happens. Nobody gets out alive, as they say. Why not put in a little forethought and plan for the inevitable so that your family will be relieved if and when they face the most devastating loss they will ever know.

Don’t Let This Be the End
Although this book is short, I hope I have given you a lot to ponder. I hope it encourages you to take some affirmative measures to ensure that your family receives the protection they deserve while you fund the retirement of your dreams. It is possible with the Personal Pension IUL®. I sure wish my dad had done something like this for our family and himself. It would have left a family legacy we would all remember.
Your next step should be to get with the agent who referred you to this material. If you have come by it by chance, you can always visit our website to see illustrations, learn more, and contact me directly. In addition to phone consults, I conduct regular seminars throughout the country that educate on the power of the Personal Pension IUL®.

K. David Luhta

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