Walking Habit Blueprint for Seniors - Increase Longevity, Lose Weight, Burn Fat


Walking Habit Blueprint for Seniors - Increase Longevity, Lose Weight, Burn Fat

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DISCOVER:: How to FINALLY Make Those Golden Years Shine Brightly – Check Out THIS Winning Combination!

Warning: This guide could result in you losing weight, feeling better than before, and shocking all of your friends! Here’s something you need to realize, right off the bat: the fitness industry is only telling you part of the story.

They want to parade a never-ending stream of perfectly tanned, toned, smiling beauties in front of you. They’re the standard, they say. They’re what you should be striving to become, they say.

They’re who you should put on a pedestal, they say. They’re wrong. Look, it’s like this: you are capable of so much more than what everyone’s telling you about.

You don’t have to believe that good health is only held in the hands of the coiffed and oiled; it’s in your hands too. We are all going to get old, so why fear old age?

What we want is longevity. What we want is power over our own lives. What we crave, more than anything, is to know that the diseases that have claimed so many don’t necessarily have to claim us as well.

The truth is that you have the power to prevent many of the diseases that run rampant in the 45+ crowd. Heart disease, diabetes, and even sleep apnea can be prevented. I’m not talking about quackery or any magical thinking here.

I’m showcasing some of the best solutions for losing weight, healing your metabolism, balancing your hormones and making you feel good form the inside out.

YOUR MISSION:: Break Those Overweight Chains and Start Living the Life You Crave!

This book is a book designed to get you moving in a positive direction. It’s an honest book that introduces several concepts, and gives you plenty more to look up. I wanted to blend in a good mix of science, common sense, and real world observations.

Ready to embrace better health? Improve longevity? Burn off some fat and have the compliments coming in by the truckload? You need this book!

Remember: this book isn’t just for seniors. It’s for anyone that wants to burn fat, lose weight, and reclaim their health. So if you don’t have a senior citizen in your life that would benefit from the information in this book, it never hurts to apply these tips to your own weight loss journey.

DOWNLOAD:: Supercharged Low Carb Solutions for Game Changing Weight Loss and Healthy Living

When you download this book, you are going to learn:

  • How to set up a walking plan that you can live with…even if you’re in a wheelchair!

  • The REAL fast track to low carb eating that still lets you go out and have fun with friends (your social life won’t miss a beat, I promise!)

  • A clever way to go beyond walking that’ll give you the challenge you’re really looking for

  • Why walking is so incredibly powerful…yet so ignored by most people

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