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Learn essential technology tips for seniors, including how to use smartphones, stay safe online, and navigate social media. Enhance your digital skills with ease.

Senior writing autobiography with AI

How Seniors Can Utilize AI to Write Thei...

Writing an autobiography is a wonderful way for seniors to reflect on their lives and share their stories with family and friends. However, writing can be a daunting task. Fortunately, AI tools like ChatGPT can make the process much easier. In this guide, we’ll walk through every step of using ChatGPT to write an engaging […]

  • Estimated Read: 16 mins
artificially intelligent phone operator

Beware of these 6 Financial Scams Target...

1. AI Voice Impersonation Scams With advancements in artificial intelligence, scammers are using AI-generated voices to impersonate loved ones. They might call pretending to be a grandchild or other relative in distress, claiming they need money urgently due to an emergency. The AI-generated voice can be remarkably convincing, making it crucial for seniors to verify […]

  • Estimated Read: 25 mins

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